kristin cooks
kristin cooks

Let’s give back.

cooking for a cause: January 2019

Welcome to the first Cooking For A Cause dinner party! I came up with this concept as a way to give back to amazing charities while doing something I love: cooking healthy and delicious recipes for friend’s and family. Each dinner party is invite-only and will seat 8 to 12 family members and friends. All meals are 100% plant-based, gluten-free and home-made.

If you are invited to the dinner party and have any additional dietary preferences (grain-free, a specific allergy, etc.) please let me know.

Cost: A $30 donation per person. 100% of the proceeds of every dinner party will be donated to charity.

why I chose this charity:

This morning (December 6, 2018) I walked into the Westfield Topanga mall with my husband Raphael looking for the Peloton store. As soon as we entered the mall, I watched a blind man my age trying to navigate his surroundings with a lot of obstacles in his way: carts, signs, water dripping from all of the rain and more. Raphael and I had three minutes until our appointment at Peloton and no idea where it was but I didn’t care. I looked back at Raphael and said “I want to help him…” and a second later the man asked “is there anyone here who can help me?” He was lost and needed help find the Apple store. I quickly ran over to him, took him to the directory to figure out where it was and then held his hand and guided him to the Apple store. This man has the sweetest soul and he was so thankful for my help. The thing is, I wish I could do more. I can’t stop thinking about how hard it must be to be blind and so I want to dedicate my first Cooking For A Cause dinner to him. 100% of the proceeds of this dinner will be donated to The Blind Children’s Center of Los Angeles.

The menu: