kristin cooks
kristin cooks

I’m writing a cookbook.

I’ve decided to write an e-cookbook and self-publish it so that I can donate 100% of the proceeds to charity.

Why? I cook for fun, not to make money. This is a lesson I learned from my beautiful mother: she loves to knit and is part of a knitting group called Chicks With Sticks (can we pause for a moment to agree on how cute that is?) Over the past few years, she has knit HUNDREDS of beautiful hats for the homeless, cancer patients and newborns. Let me get her tally right now for this year (note: I’m actually calling her to ask as I write this). The phone rings:

Mom: Hello?

Kristin: Hi Mom! Real quick… how many hats have you donated so far this year?

Mom: Over a hundred? I don’t know how many… I’m trying to keep up (she laughs).

She’s my hero.

The Plant Kitch cookbook will be full of brand-new healthy and delicious recipes, like my Cacao + Coconut Chia Pudding, Kale + Sweet Corn Chowder ( aka the BEST SOUP EVER), Creamy Marinara Sauce (a favorite among my family and friends), Rainbow Mediterranean Salad, lots of delicious sides, salads, pies and cobblers, cookies, beverages and so much more. So if I’m not posting a ton of new recipes on here, that’s why… it’s a lot of work!

Since I’m self-publishing, I’m hoping to have it done by Summer of 2019 (on my birthday) but there’s no set delivery date yet. As for who the proceeds will go to, that is still up in the air. I’m hoping to have a few causes that you can choose from on topics of climate change, women’s empowerment, animals and education/children.

Stay tuned!

With love,