Holistic Cooking
Holistic Cooking
Let's make plants cool.

Hi, I'm Kristin.

I live in sunny Los Angeles, CA with my lovely husband. We're both full-time filmmakers but alongside my love for visual storytelling, I love to feed people healthy, delicious food. Thus, the birth of Holistic Cooking - a passion project I do simply because I want to help people heal through food.

I want to help people.

Those are the words I've uttered since I was a little girl when I talk about my life. My number one inspiration for starting this website is to educate people on how to use plant food as disease prevention. The older I get (I'm 32), the more people I know falling ill to chronic disease: diabetes, cancer, autism, heart disease, mental illness and more. It's heart-breaking. Furthermore- when I ask someone if they have adjusted their diet to help alleviate symptoms and assist with their healing, the answer is often 'no'. 

I want to change this by creating awareness and multimedia content that inspires people to eat healthier. 

Add more plants to your plate. 

That's my motto. Plants get a bad rep: whether it's from your mom yelling "honey, eat your (mushy) vegetables" to your own mind forcing you to shove them down your throat on a fad diet, statistics show that only 1 in 10 adults actually meets their daily requirement of veggies. Let's change this. Plants are essential for life: they are anti-aging (hello, enzymes), packed with nutrients, can cure multiple diseases and can actually save your life. They're basically superheroes.

I want to shine a new, delicious light on plants and all of their magic. 

Why the heck should you listen to me?

Great question. I'm not here offering medical advice, that is what your doctor is for. I come from a holistic culinary background: I've been plant-based for over a decade, cooking for over two decades and I'm certified in Holistic Culinary Nutrition. 

If you have any health conditions, please make sure to consult with your doctor or healthcare provider. Depending on your ailment, look into a functional medicine doctor, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, an Ayurvedic doctor or a chiropractor for a more holistic approach or second opinion. And as always, do your own research. 

Moral of the story:

When you pay attention to how food affects you, you'll be amazed at what happens when you change your diet. 

I hope this recipe blog inspires you to feel your best & have more fun in your kitchen.

Peace & plants, 


This is Raphael. He's my #1 taste-tester & creative partner. If I ever post a beautiful cooking video, chances are he was behind the camera. He's the best.